We’ve Got Answers!

Does Marry Me Floral have packages?

No. Every Bride is unique. No cookie cutters here. Consider our wedding flowers menu ala carte.

Should I bring photos?

YES! We love photos! They assist us in creating your perfect look and style.

How do I go about setting a realistic for my wedding flowers?

The typical floral budget for a wedding ranges from 8% to 10% of the total wedding budget. This information comes from The Knot, Wedding Wire and Martha Stewart, of course! The budget needs to include bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, church flowers, cocktail hour, reception centerpieces and any other décor you might envision for your wedding day. Keep in mind that the first impression of your wedding dress and flowers, not to mention the impact your flowers will have in all your wedding photos.

Should I share my budget with Marry Me Floral?

ABSOLUTELY! Please do! For Marry Me Floral to provide quality proposal, knowing your budget is very helpful. By knowing your budget, we can make realistic recommendations on the selection of the flowers, sizes of the bouquets, etc.

When should I start looking for my wedding florist?

Once you have determined the size of your bridal party and palette. Typically, 9 months prior to your wedding day. But, it’s your wedding day and we will chat with you whenever you like.

How long should I anticipate my wedding floral consultation with Marry Me Floral to last?

To be safe I would anticipate an hour.

Who delivers my Wedding flowers?

Marry Me Floral is wedding floral “boutique”, Mary strives to deliver every wedding herself with her design team. At Marry Me Floral, we are about quality, not quantity.

Does Marry Me Floral have containers that I can rent?

Marry Me Floral has a variety of vessels that we rent.

Does Marry Me Floral rent Arbor?


Is there an additional charge for Marry Me Floral picking up the rented items?

Yes and that cost will depend on when the items need to be picked up. Some venues require that the rental items be picked up at the end of the reception.

If I rent items from Marry Me Floral, can I return the rented items myself?

Yes, you sure can. We have a rental agreement in place and that’s not a problem.

Can I provide my own containers?

You bet! We are very “user friendly” at Marry Me Floral and work with all our Brides to stay within their budget but still capture their wedding look and style.

How are my bouquets delivered?

That depends on the style of your bouquet. Most wedding flower trends are the hand held, ribbon wrapped style with the stems slightly exposed. With that style wedding bouquet, we deliver them in a 7” clear cylinder with a smidge of water in the bottom to keep the bouquets hydrated. This ensures their freshness for your wedding day and then you can use them on the head table. Recycle! Reuse!

How much does that cost?

It’s included in the cost of the wedding bouquets.

Can I bring in my own vase?

No problem.

Can I add rhinestones to my wedding bouquet?

Yep! Bring on the bling, bling!

Does my wedding bouquet match the Brides maids?

It certainly can, but we like to make your wedding bouquet and the Groom’s boutonniere a little different ’cause you two are so special.

How do I tell my Groom’s boutonniere from everyone else’s?

We label each one accordingly for both boutonnieres and corsages.

What if I have flowers delivered to the church but want to use them at the reception. Can Marry Me Floral do that?

Certainly. That would be calculated into the delivery and set up costs.

How much are delivery and set up costs?

Those costs are calculated by where the venue is, what kind of set up is involved, etc.

Can I make changes to the initial wedding flower proposal?


Is there a charge for changes?

No, but your changes could affect the overall cost.

How do I “save-the-date” with Marry Me Floral?

Upon signing the proposal, a non-refundable $100.00 deposit is required to “save-the-date.”

When do I have to have my final payment?

Ten days prior to your wedding date.

Can I make installment payments?

Yes, absolutely! Whatever works best for you.

Can Marry Me Floral provide me with referrals?

Check out our reviews on The Knot, Wedding Wire and yelp.