The Internet is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. Thank you, Al Gore! (I realize that some of my readers will not get that – showing my age again!) Nonetheless, after 25 years we can safely say that you can find anything – anything – on the Internet. Yeah, it’s pretty scary, but I recently found something on the Internet that’s ridiculously, fabulously, unbelievably fantastic. I literally had a “wait, what?” moment!

Wedding Garland Trends

Let me back up. I recently had a consultation with a lovely bride-to-be; we’ll call her Eucalyptus Bride. Eucalyptus Bride came in armed with her Pinterest boards (I trust you all know what those are) and a fresh green focal point for her vision: garland of seeded eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus, and spiral eucalyptus. Just gorgeous!

And Eucalyptus Bride wanted this garland everywhere: