The Internet is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. Thank you, Al Gore! (I realize that some of my readers will not get that – showing my age again!) Nonetheless, after 25 years we can safely say that you can find anything – anything – on the Internet. Yeah, it’s pretty scary, but I recently found something on the Internet that’s ridiculously, fabulously, unbelievably fantastic. I literally had a “wait, what?” moment!

Wedding Garland Trends

Let me back up. I recently had a consultation with a lovely bride-to-be; we’ll call her Eucalyptus Bride. Eucalyptus Bride came in armed with her Pinterest boards (I trust you all know what those are) and a fresh green focal point for her vision: garland of seeded eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus, and spiral eucalyptus. Just gorgeous!

And Eucalyptus Bride wanted this garland everywhere:

On the welcome sign,

on the arbor,

draped from chair to chair,

in the centerpieces,

around the Mr. & Mrs. Sweetheart table,

in the cake,

And on the sweets table, the gift table, the name card table… get the picture? (She also wanted peonies everywhere, but that’s a blog for another day.)

Running (away from) the Numbers

Because math is hard for me, I got out the tape measure and the calculator. We would need just over 200 feet of garland to make her vision a reality.

Now, this was not my first garland rodeo. We use it on arbors all year long, typically with a Sprengeri fern garland, which does the trick at a quite reasonable $8.00 per foot.

I called my guy, who called his guy, who gave us a cost that all the guys agreed was ridiculous. Eucalyptus Bride’s dream garland of seeded eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus, and spiral eucalyptus was going to cost, according to my calculator, $31.50 a foot. I thought, “This can’t be right.” I used a different calculator, twice, and then asked my husband to check my math, because I was not ready to tell E.B. that 200 feet of this bourgeois garland – without labor costs or a single flower – would cost her $6,300. This staggering number reminded her that she hadn’t yet told us about her budget, which was $2,000.

That’s when I hit the Internet to Google “wholesale garland,” not expecting to actually find a solution. But guess what came up?

After browsing through and chatting with owner and garland guru, Brandon, I have yet to find any downside to this vendor. They sell garland, wreaths and greens-by-the-bunch, shipped overnight with cool packs to preserve freshness. There’s no minimum purchase, so no need to worry about waste. And, because they don’t require a resale or tax I.D. number, anyone can place an order. Most importantly for Eucalyptus Bride, eucalyptus garland (including shipping and handling) sells for only $7.00 per foot. Score!

I am pretty confident that if any other wedding floral stylist read this next part, they probably would not like me (which would be unfortunate because I’m pretty likeable – just ask me!) because I could take Brandon’s $7.00 price and mark it up much closer to the original $31.50.

Instead, I emailed my Eucalyptus Bride and suggested that she call Brandon at Wholesale Garland, order the amount we’d need to create her vision, pay for it directly, and have it shipped to Marry Me Floral the week of her wedding. She took our advice (and the associated savings), and the rest was out of her hands. We proceeded as we would with any other product, checking it for quality and storing it in our walk-in cooler, thereby ensuring freshness for the big day. With as little as a phone call on her part, Eucalyptus Bride saved nearly $5,000. That’s some serious change to put towards an open bar, honeymoon, or savings account!

Your Dream is Our Dream

At Marry Me Floral, we don’t just want to be your wedding floral stylist. We want to be a resource and a partner. We work very hard to stay within our bride and groom’s budget while preserving the couple’s ideal vision of their wedding day. We are proud to be as “user-friendly” as florally possible. Unlike many other florists, Marry Me Floral clients are encouraged to take part in the design process in ways that also save them money. For example, many of our clients bring in their own vases and centerpiece containers, taking the “middle woman” (yours truly) and those pesky rental costs out of the equation. When we started working exclusively with brides, I knew we would never make the cover of Forbes, but we love what we do and we love making our couples happy – and their parents, too!