About Mary Bender

With over 30 years of experience in floral design, I know weddings. I love creating new and unique designs to match your personality. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to delight your every wish and expectation.

Baby’s Breath

2017-01-19T21:07:26-06:00By |

So, let’s talk about Baby’s Breath, also known as gypsophilia. Ever since I opened my floral studio I had a healthy disdain for Baby’s Breath, much like some people strongly dislike carnations. I refer to carnations as “the red headed step child” of the flower world. (I feel very comfortable saying that, as I am [...]


2017-10-11T09:50:31-05:00By |

Poor Boys ~ Boutonnieres are so boring! Well just hold on there. At Marry Me Floral we try to spruce up the flowers that Men wear at their wedding. Check out these boutonnieres! White ranuculous This Groom brewed his own Beer, so yep, you guessed it - [...]


2017-01-19T21:07:26-06:00By |

Carnations, The Red Headed Step Child of the Flower World.  I can say that because I too am a red head. When sitting with brides discussing flower options for their bouquets I have often bought up the carnation and it’s pretty much the 80 / 20 rule. 80% of the people don’t like them and [...]

Bouquets & Blooms & Budgets

2017-01-19T21:07:26-06:00By |

Sorry to rain on your bridal parade but let’s talk about the Budget. That dreaded “B” word that we have to address, preferably sooner rather than later. So before Pinterest has sold you a bouquet that is not in your wedding flower budget, let’s break this down bloom by bloom. Gertrude Stein was wrong, a [...]

Paws Up or Paws Down?

2017-01-19T21:07:26-06:00By |

We love our dogs, admit it. We treat them like our children, baby talk and all. So, why wouldn’t we want them to be part of the biggest day of our lives? From the “save-the-date” to the ceremony, we are having our dogs included in our wedding day. Check put this [...]

Do the Math!

2017-01-19T21:07:26-06:00By |

Math is my least favorite subject. When my daughter, Izora was in third grade she came home with her first set of math word problems. She asked for my help. After reading it aloud 5 or 6 times, I finally got it! I was so excited! “Izora, I figured it out!” She said “yeah, me [...]

Floral Trends for 2016 Weddings

2017-01-19T21:07:26-06:00By |

Take it Outside! Size Does Matter More and more wedding couples are choosing larger centerpieces to add impact to their venue, drawing the eye up to the wedding venue’s space. These tall centerpieces are often made with the wedding flowers and curly willow branches. Flip [...]